Intelligence is the ability to adapt the change.
Stephen Hawking
Theoretical Physicist (1942-2018)
Take a correct position in the future of the changing world...


Sustainability Modelling
We are developing a business model in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and sectoral frameworks.
Have a business approach in line with global targets.
  • We ensure that your organization has a management model in line with the global sustainability approach at economic, environmental and social performance.
  • We are mapping your policies and strategic goals according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Global Compact.
  • We review your key performance indicators according to the ESG-D and ESE approaches and support you to achieve a complete structure.
  • We plan the necessary changes for your internal and external CSR model to have a modern and developed structure.


Sustainability Management Consulting
Together with all your functions and your team, we create sustainability management suitable for your business system.
Build a team that cares and develops each other.
  • We ensure that all business processes of your organization comply with your sustainability model and goals.
  • We form your sustainability committees and task forces and contribute to their work.
  • We determine the basic sustainability concepts that your teams need, and we direct the workshops and studies to comply with these basics.
  • We support you in making your sustainability communication in accordance with the priority areas and stakeholders.
  • We provide logistical support for your frame signing and award initiatives.


Sustainability Reporting
We report your environmental, social, economic and management performance for stakeholders in the simplest way.
Make plain reports that support stakeholder communication.
  • We support your organization's economic, environmental, social and management performances to be compatible with all kinds of reporting.
  • We do your materiality through workshops and researches.
  • Our Reporting
    • GRI Sustainability Report
    • SASB Sustainability Report
    • CDP Report
    • GTA Sustainability Inventory
  • Our Compliance Studies
    • EcoVadis Compatibility Study
    • BIST Compliance Study
    • ESG Report Compliance Study
    • WEF.MSC Compatibility Study
    • 14064 Compatibility Study