Imagination takes us to worlds that don't exist. Without that, we can't go anywhere.
Carl Sagan
Astrophysicist (1934-1996)
A sharing and innovative, ethical team...


GTAlliance Ltd. (UK)
A UK based initiative that focused on the sustainability of the planet, with a quality business approach.
An initiative aiming to add value to all its stakeholders.
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Who we are?
We are an expert team in sustainability, communication, research and corporate social responsibility.
A team has an open mind and is ready to work together.


Membership and Alliances
We pay attention to have permanent friendships, alliances and memberships compatible with our service area.
A structure that develops its relations with ethical approach.
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  • ESOMAR European Society of Marketing Researchers
  • WAPOR World Association of Public Opinion Researchers
  • BTBA British Turkish Business Association
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  • GTA360 - GTAlliance - DNA360 Cooperation